Saturday, August 18, 2007

How some of the Companies names are formed !

RARE Enterprise - RAkesh Jhunjunwala & REkha Jhunjhunwala
ENAM Securities - Nemish Shah & Manek Bhansali
Ess Dee Aluminuim - Sudip Dutta
Zicom Electronic Systems - The company was initially named ZeeCom since in those days Zee TV was very popular but later changed to Zicom since it resembled Zee.
Dabur - Back in 1884, when physician SK Burman started a firm to sell ayurvedic medicines, he named it Dabur,after combining Daktar (Devanagri rendition of doctor) and Burman.
Motorola - Founded in 1928, Motolrola was a pioneer in car radios.Its name was originally a combination of moto (for motor car) and ola (implying sound).
Voltas - Volkart Brothers and Tata Sons who started the company in 1954.